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Children and Teen Psychotherapy

Welcome to our nurturing space for mental well-being. We understand life's complexities and offer guidance for finding clarity in the present. Discover joy and meaning as you embark on your journey to inner harmony.

Behavioral Difficulties

Are you concerned about the behavioral issues of your child or teen? Do you notice disruptive behaviors or emotional struggles that impact their daily life? Are you seeking guidance and strategies to effectively address and support their behavioral well-being?

Adjustment to Life Changes/ Divorce

Are your children grappling with the effects of divorce or other significant life changes? Do they exhibit signs of emotional upheaval or struggle to adapt to new circumstances? Are you searching for guidance and resources to support them through these transitions and help them thrive despite the changes?


Is your child or teen experiencing anxiety? Do they frequently feel worried, fearful, or overwhelmed? Are you looking for support and strategies to help them manage their anxiety and promote their emotional well-being?


Is your child or teen struggling with grief, loss, or trauma? Have they experienced the pain of losing someone important to them or endured a distressing event that has deeply affected their well-being? Are you seeking guidance and resources to help them navigate through the complex emotions and healing process associated with grief, loss, and trauma?


Is your child or teen showing signs of depression? Do they often feel persistently sad, irritable, or lose interest in activities? Are you looking for guidance and support to help them navigate their emotions and improve their mental well-being?

Low Self-Esteem/Social Challenges

Do your children or teens struggle with low self-esteem and social challenges? Do they exhibit signs of poor self-confidence, difficulty fitting in, or feeling socially isolated? Are you searching for support and strategies to help them improve their self-esteem, develop healthier social relationships, and navigate the complexities of peer interactions?

We can help.  Individual therapy equips you with tools, techniques, and support. Our therapists use various modalities including psychodynamic, CBT, mindfulness, solution-focused, and more.


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