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Meet Rachel Samet

As a Licensed Social Worker and certified Trauma therapist, I aim to support my clients in navigating life's challenges, fostering a transformative experience that promotes inner purpose and resilience. Seeing primarily adults, my focus is on creating a safe and empowering environment through a client-centered and strength-based approach.

My therapeutic perspective draws from psychodynamic, Trauma & attachment, somatic experiencing, CBT, and mindfulness techniques, as well as the RITTM approach for trauma-focused care. With a comprehensive focus on trauma, adjustment, anxiety, depression, attachment, self-esteem, addiction, and grief, I offer a holistic perspective to address various aspects of clients' lives.

I provide virtual sessions for individuals in both New York, New Jersey & Florida. I am truly passionate about guiding clients towards meaningful changes in their lives and am dedicated to facilitating their personal growth journey.


Looking forward to connecting with you! 


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